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Renewal Enriched Body Lotion

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Improve skin elasticity with Epionce Renewal Body Lotion.

It’s important to take care of skin everywhere on your body, not just above the neck. Epionce Renewal Body Lotion targets signs of aging that occur on the legs, arms and body. The advanced formula intensely moisturizes skin to create a smooth, supple texture. You can even use this rich lotion on areas such as the elbows, knees and heels to eliminate roughness. This anti-aging lotion contains active ingredients that rebuild and repair cells to reverse the visible signs of damage. Pamper your skin with this luxurious body product. 

Hydrating ingredients in this firming body lotion renew skin.

A combination of nourishing and reparative ingredients in this product restores a youthful and healthy appearance. Epionce Renewal Body Lotion contains natural extracts such as avocado oil, shea butter and rose hip oil to moisturize dry areas. This product infuses cells with essential fatty acids and ceramides to rebuild a damaged skin barrier, preventing irritation, itching and inflammation. Using this firming body lotion daily will restore a soft texture to even the most dehydrated and rough areas. Correct and prevent signs of damage with the help of this creamy moisturizer.