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Black Friday Potenza Radio Frequency MicroNeedling Buy 2 Get 1 Free

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Buy Two Potenza RF MicroNeedling Treatments, Get One FREE

  • Can be used on any area of the body

  • 1 treatment area $800 ~ Purchase 2 treatments and receive the third for free.

  • Have questions? Call 406-869-1066 or Text 406-350-7705

How does this offer work?

It's simple just complete your purchase of 2 Radio Frequency MicroNeeding and receive a third for free.


How many treatments are typically needed?

Great question! This is a tough one because there is no right answer that is one size fits all. In general, different areas of the body are best suited with the following treatment counts typically spaced 4 weeks apart.

Face/Neck: 3-6 treatments
Chest: 3-6 treatments
Arms: 3-6 treatments
Abdomen: 3-6 treatments
Love Handles: 3-6 treatments
Thighs: 3-6 treatments
Glutes: 3-6 treatments
Knees: 3-6 treatments

Because everyone is different, the chart above should just be used as a general idea of how many treatments you may need for a specific area. The number of treatments you need will be determined when you come in for your consultation and meet with your medical provider. Considerations will be age, skin quality, and desired outcome. 

The good news is that is that if you purchased and you are not a candidate or decided RF MicroNeedling is not for you, we will reimburse you.

Remind me again, what is Potenza Radio Frequency MicroNeedling?

It is a treatment that combines the best of science and technology, working harmoniously to unveil your skin’s full potential. Potenza RF MicroNeedling is precisely that – a cutting-edge, transformative solution that weaves together the forces of MicroNeedling and Radiofrequency energy to create a marvelous skin rejuvenation experience. The synergy of MicroNeedling and RF energy is the paradigm of magic, and the results are nothing short of enchanting.

Potenza works wonders on a range of skin concerns, from wrinkles and fine lines to sagging skin and uneven texture. It’s a versatile treatment that addresses multiple areas of the body, including the face, neck, chest, arms, legs, and beyond.

Why should I choose Central Wellness for my Skin Rejuvenation needs?

This one’s easy -Central Wellness's team members have been focusing on Skin Rejuvenation for the last 11 years.  All of our providers are Medically licensed nurses that really know what they're doing and our spectacular results speak for themselves- 

Once I purchase online, what do I do next?

Click here to schedule an appointment or consult - it’s that simple.

Is my purchase transferable and is it refundable?

We love this question and are happy to report that your purchase is 100% transferable meaning you are welcome to purchase for your friends, family, and anyone else you want. As long as they are a candidate for Potenza RF MicroNeedling we are happy to treat them! 

In terms of being refundable, your purchase is completely refundable as long as the request is made before January 31st, 2024.

How long do I have to schedule my treatment?

We recommend you schedule it as soon as possible so that you can see your skin transformation results sooner rather than later!

When does this offer expire?

This is offer is good while supplies last and will expire on Dec 9th, 2023 or when we sell out of all Potenza packages designated for this offer, whichever comes first.